This post will give you some idea about who I am and what I do!

Divya Hegde

I’m a coder, charcoal pencil enthusiast and a reader.

I’m an undergrad student pursuing Computer Science.

Engineering is a grind like no other major! This blog is just a slight distraction from my normal and painstakingly boring life 😁

In this blog I talk about me 🙂 jk! I talk about blogging, college lifestyle and personal development. I can guarantee some occasional lame jokes and a lot of inside scoops about college life!

But most importantly, my hope is to help get your life a little smoother as it can get rocky sometimes.

About My Blogging Journey

Unlike most sane people that spent some time thinking and planning about starting a blog, I just started this blog one random day. This says a lot about me: I am super instinctive!

I had done some prior research about blogging and what it takes to be a blogger. The only difference is that I did my thorough research in two days (yes!) and on the third day I decided I was ready to get a domain and start blogging!

Usually most bloggers plan it out and have at least 2-3 posts ready before launching their site. But me being me, I launched this site with no posts planned prior!

Within a month I pulled out 22 posts!! with 1k page views and 1.2k monthly viewers on Pinterest! This will forever be my only achievement lol!

That’s enough back story to know me a little and how I started this blog.

You can check out my spotify playlist! I’m not saying I have the best taste in music… but I am!


Feel free to check out my latest posts, hope you like it 🙂 and don’t forget to subscribe to join the list!! I would really appreciate your support!!💖

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