Things Every 18+ years old Should Stop Doing

How many times have you wished you started doing something when you were a little younger so you didn’t have to struggle right now? I know there can be several external factors, which weren’t under your control due to which you couldn’t do something. In this post however, we will be focusing on those factors which you can control.

It is rightly said that correcting our flaws and re-programming our brain is way easier when we are younger compared to when we are older. Remember that re-programming your brain and thought process is a very slow process and there will be slip ups here and there. This doesn’t mean you give up.


Don’t confuse this with the fake guru get-rich-quick, forget-everyone forget-everything culture or the hustle culture!! In this post, I will be talking about realistic changes you can bring to your life by not doing certain things. To consciously involve new principles in life, we need motivation. Click here to check out ways in which you can stay motivated!

I used the number 18+ because I belong to that age group, and also because anyone that is 18+ is considered an adult in almost every country.

5 Things To Stop Doing By 18

These are just my opinions. If you do not agree with them or think it is not necessary then it is totally fine!

1. Learn How To Be Alone

  • This is by far the most important step to conquer in the beginning of your adulthood (or at any point in life).
  • No, this is not a cliche!
  • If you cannot hang out or have fun by yourself/ with yourself, then what makes you think someone else will?
  • Besides that, hanging out with a group of people just because you will be all alone if you don’t is toxic!
  • Also, if the group won’t accept you for who you are, leave! I know it is easier said than done but you need to stop doing this!
  • Most people in your life are present for a limited amount of time. They are temporary! So, stop wasting your time convincing someone to be with you when they don’t want to.
  • This doesn’t mean you don’t try to make friends. You will be enough for the right people.

2. Stop Caring About What Others Think

  • If you cannot change the current situation, then stop thinking about it.
  • I’ve heard people say things like “don’t care about what others think because everyone is busy judging themselves and won’t even remember it years later” which may be true.
  • But how many of you remember that boy/girl in third grade that said something stupid and the whole class laughed? even after years? (guilty!)
  • Assuming that people won’t remember something you’ve done is hard. What I like to do instead is, not care about what people think regardless of if they care or not.
  • It is none of your business if someone cares about what you’re doing. Do your thing.
  • Also, don’t do certain things just because you think people will care. Don’t settle for people that won’t accept you for who you are.

3. Stop Making Excuses

  • Way too many people don’t get started with the things they actually want to do because they don’t have this, that and the third.
  • Stop making excuses!
  • Don’t be one of those people that blames their fate, destiny and what not for not being able to achieve their goals.
  • It is true that most people rather not be known as an artist (or anything else) than be an unknown/less popular/struggling artist.
  • It might not be your fault for where you were born or what environment you were brought up in, but it is your responsibility to change that!( if you want to)
  • You can pay hundreds if not thousands to learn some secret formula to success but unless you get there and work, it won’t happen!
  • The harsh truth is that no-one owes it you! Not your childhood, not your people, not your job, not your friends, not your fate, You owe it to yourself!

4. Stop Depending On People To Keep You Happy

  • This point is related to being scared to be alone.
  • Staying in a friendship/relationship because you do not want to stay alone or that your happiness is dependent on them is harmful.
  • Stop expecting people to make you happy. It’s not their job and also, it is kind of unfair to have such high expectations from someone else!
  • This doesn’t end at people. Thinking that achieving some status or getting that flashy car or a 6 figure salary is your doorway to happiness, isn’t healthy either!
  • If your happiness depends on someone/something, then remember that it won’t last long!

5. Self Discipline

  • *insert some self-discipline quote here*
  • If you are not willing to put in the hours/years of work and dedicate yourself to your goals, do not expect groundbreaking results.
  • There is this quote which goes something along the lines of success is a rare possibility because those who are willing to roll the dice until they win are few
  • Self-discipline isn’t something you can achieve in a day or a week. Yes, it requires work. A lot of work!
  • Most people are excited in the beginning stage of trying to get stuff done but slowly revert back to their old habits.
  • This is because they go ham, with full force all at once and get exhausted mid-way.
  • What you can do instead is, take things slower and step by step.
  • Lastly, you might have heard this a million times “there is no shortcut to success”. If you have, then get on with it!

There are several other steps you can take to perform your best, these were some of those! Stop doing these if you want to notice a long-term difference in your life.

Before buying a ton of self-help books and realizing that most of them are superficial, try and understand yourself and what is the ideal mindset you perform your best at. It always starts from within!

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5 thoughts on “Things Every 18+ years old Should Stop Doing”

  1. Somedays being alone is hard but being an adult requires it. I just turned 20 and I’m still trying to find the time for me myself and I 😂💖

  2. Aww, this is sweet, my child will want to read this in a few years. Piece of advice, if you care for it, don’t grow up too much too quickly. Life might hit you in ways you can’d possibly imagine. I hope it doesn’t, but unfortunately, I speak from experience. Keep a healthy dose of your inner child, don’t take yourself way too seriously and always remain a bit bonkers; even if disaster strikes (again, may it never!) it might help surpass it with some grace:)).

    1. As a 40ish woman, I agree to all these. I hope more younger people get to read this post. While I don’t regret learning these things a bit late, I just wish I learned them sooner. Thanks for this article.

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