Mind Boggling Movies To Watch When You’re Bored

With a lot of free time in our hands, it is safe to say we are running out of options to keep ourselves occupied. To reward ourselves with amazing shows or movies, after a long stretch of online classes is necessary.


During quarantine, I have watched a whole lot of movies and tv shows from all sorts of genres from drama to psychological thrillers to horror.

The movies listed below are in no particular order. If you want some tv show recommendations, read mind boggling tv shows to binge watch. If you’re into books and need recommendations, read books that will change the way you think!

Movies to Watch

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If you want to experience the most breath-taking, eye-catchy, suspense, thriller, comedy, drama, out-of-body, out-of-the-world, fantastic, unimaginable, cinematic masterpiece of all times, watch twilight!

Just kidding 😉 sense of humor am I right?

Cue the actual recommendations!

1. Good Time

Available on Netflix

If you love Robert Pattinson and would want to experience a panic attack for 90 minutes (description by Mr. Pattinson himself!) this is for you!

On a serious note, this is a crime-thriller movie where one of the two brothers is interrupted mid-therapy by his brother (Rob) to accompany him rob a bank! There is a series of mishaps when they try to escape the police.

Not wanting to give away too much, all I can say is, just watch it!!! I highly recommend you watch this movie. I know I said these were in no particular order but, this has to be #1!

The fact that this isn’t the same old rob-a-bank-escape-the-police-and-live-lavishly-like-a-bad-guy trope should be the number one reason you watch it now!!!

2. Ladybird

Available on Netflix

This is by far my most favorite and meaningful coming-of-age movie ever!

If you love and crave the highschool drama and teenagers coming into their own, this is for you!

The best part of the movie is that it isn’t petty or surface level teen problems. This movie explores the mother-daughter relationship so well! I highly recommend you watch it!

3. Gone Girl

Available on Netflix

If you’re into psychological thrillers, check out this movie. It is absolutely mind boggling!

This is a story about Nick and Amy. Amy goes missing and the police suspect Nick, her husband has something to do with this.

This is the movie that has the iconic “Cool Girl” monologue! I highly recommend you give it a watch! You won’t regret it!!!

4. Shutter Island

Available on Amazon Prime

Shutter Island is another psychological thriller on this list!

I cannot put into words how amazing this movie is! YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT!

A U.S marshal is appointed to investigate the disappearance of a patient from Shutter Island’s hospital. As the story goes on, you question everything you see on the screen.

This isn’t a movie you want to watch with a phone in hand!! It needs all your attention. Don’t miss out on this thriller.

5. The Grand Budapest Hotel

Available on Amazon Prime

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a comedy-drama. If you love mystery, suspense and thriller movies with comedy this is for you!

This movie takes you through the hilarious rags to riches journey of Zero Mustafa, a new lobby boy at The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Apart from the amazing story-line, this movie has the best design and aesthetics!

6. Pulp Fiction

Available on Amazon Prime

Pulp Fiction has drama, comedy, action and everything in between. But don’t take it for granted like all other basic action-drama movies. This movie is more than that!

It is a classic and honestly there’s nothing more I can say than, watch it!! When you done watching, leave comment down below on what you think was inside the briefcase 😉

7. The Lighthouse

Available on Amazon Prime

The Lighthouse is a horror. It is a movie about two lighthouse keepers trying to maintain their sanity as they live in a remote and mysterious island in England.

This movie will leave you baffled in a good and bad way and to find out, you MUST watch it!! Did I mention it stars Robert Pattinson yet?😋

But besides that, get ready to witness a lot of hallucination, hypnosis and stormy-night scenes.

8. Mama

Available on Amazon Prime

Mama is a supernatural horror which revolves around a man who amidst a financial breakdown, k*lls his co-workers and his wife and escapes into the woods with his two daughters.

Five years later, the two kids are discovered in the woods by their uncle and to his surprise, both the kids do not behave like humans anymore.

To find out what went down in those five years and how the two, very young daughters were able to survive in those woods and what is in store for their uncle to brought them back, watch it!

Movies with English Subtitles

These are some movies you can watch with english subtitles. Even though some may have dubbed versions, I highly recommend you watch them with subtitles. Availability of some movies depend on your location! Figure that out 🙂

1. Parasite

Available on Netflix

“Once you overcome the 1-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films” – Bong Joon Ho, director of the Oscar winning movie, Parasite.

Parasite is a Korean thriller movie which talks about the symbiotic relationship between the upper and working class and the class segregation.

On one hand where after a huge storm, the wealthy are happy that it cleared out the sky for their kid’s picnic, the poor are left homeless as their semi-basement home is washed out due to the water.

I mean, go watch it if you haven’t!

2. The Platform

Available on Netflix

The Platform is a Spanish psychological thriller. A man named Goreng voluntarily goes into a vertical pr*son also called “the hole”. Every month the pr*soners are moved into a different level in no order.

The food is served from level 0 all the way down. But the food never reaches to the lowest levels as people on the top eat it all. This forces people down below to k*ll their partners and feed on them.

This was a basic outline and does no justice to how beautiful this movie is! Please watch it!!!

3. Memories of Murder

Available on Amazon Prime

Memories of Murder is another Korean thriller movie directed by Bong Joon Ho.

Three detectives struggle to find the culprit who r*pes and m*rders young women one after the other. Failing to find the culprit even after arriving very close to a prime suspect, it shows the negligence and irresponsibility of the officers.

This movie will keep you on your toes. I highly recommend you watch it!

4. Tumbbad

Available on Amazon Prime

Tumbbad is a thriller/horror movie which is based in a rural village, Tumbbad. In a decaying, old castle there lies a lot of wealth and fortune, guarded by an ancient monster, of which only one man knows.

How long will it sustain this man until he gets k*lled due to his own greed? Watch the movie to find out!!

These were some of my recommendations! Have you watched all of these or any at all??? Do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comment section down below!

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