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If you want to transform your room into something full of life, colors and textures, then you have to check out these cheap bohemian bedroom ideas. Don’t worry, there is everything you’ll ever need even if you are on a budget!

Yes, incorporating these ideas will make your room look like those on Pinterest! To make a bohemian bedroom, choose a color palette and add in a lot of textures, patterns and styles.

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Boho colors can be rich, saturated and pigmented. This shouldn’t stop you from opting for a warmer boho tone if that fits you more.

Warm boho colors are golden yellow, ruby, pink, saffron, orange, magenta. Cool boho colors are turquoise and jade.

You don’t have to stick with one boho color palette. A mix and match carefully put together should be fine.

After all it’s your room! Bohemian decorating style basically makes your room look and feel comfier.

Learn how you can create a boho room on a budget with super simple additions to your room in this post!

15+ Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

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1. Macrame Wall Decor

Easiest to purchase has to be this macrame wall decor! The warm colors will lighten up your room.

2. Wall Art

If you’re not into the macrame decors, then these wall arts should be good. transform your room easily with these bohemian inspired wall art pieces.

3. Faux Rugs

Yes, you can add these faux rugs too. These would be the perfect mix and match with a bright pattern throw pillow.

If you’re not into this, check out these bohemian accent rugs.

4. Mirrors

What is the point of a bohemian bedroom ideas post without a mirror section in it? These mirrors will give you the best Instagram pictures! They are the perfect height if you put it up in a dorm room!

Put the mirror on the floor instead of putting a mirror above your bed so that you get those pics!!

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5. Geometric Wall Shelves

Want to add a little edge and a little pop? 😉 These geometric wall shelves are the best way you can do so.

These different shapes are definitely a must have to keep your room organized.

6. Round Mirrors

Full length mirrors are not your thing? These round mirrors will definitely help you get that bohemian decor going.

The round mirrors with oak, birch or wooden frames will set the tone of your room!

7. Coffee Table

The best way to decorate your living room to make it look like a bohemian living room, add some of these coffee tables!

A bright bohemian accent rug underneath these tables will surely give you that bohemian living room vibe you are looking for.

8. Woven Baskets

These woven baskets will add that extra texture and patterns you are looking for! These can be used for laundry or plants!

9. Side Tables

Look at the different styles and patterns these side tables come in! You should get one of these if you are looking for a small side table.

10. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are the easiest way you can transform a not so boho living room to a boho one!

They make your living room look more put together and expensive. Just visualize these pillows on your bed or couch with an accent rug, a mirror, a woven basket and some plants!!

11. Bohemian Wall Paintings

You can add one of these paintings above your bed instead of a headboard to instantly turn your room to boho style.

12. Bohemian Abstract Tapestry

Wondering “what should I hang above my bed?” Then this abstract tapestry should definitely be on top of your list!

You can hang this tapestry behind your bed instead of headboard for a change.

13. Room Fragrance

Room fragrance plays a huge role in fully getting into that bohemian home zone.

These candles will make you never want to leave your room! Also, how cute is the first one?!

14. Bohemian Accent Rugs

These bohemian accent rugs are definitely a steal! They add so much definition to your room.

15. Bohemian Bedroom Furniture

Swing chairs and hammocks are a cute addition to your bohemian bedroom furniture set! Getting amazing looking furniture for this cheap is a steal! Take your bohemian home decor to the next level with this number.

16. Plant Hangers

Nothing screams more bohemian bedroom ideas than plants! The more you have the better!

These plant hangers will get you a level up with your bohemian theme room!

16. Bohemian Style Lanterns

These lanterns are totally Halloween vibes! These are the best bohemian bedroom ideas for small rooms!

A combination of these with the candles I mentioned above is the best way you can style your room for Halloween.

17. Bohemian Bedroom Curtains

These bohemian bedroom curtains give Atonement vibes! The aesthetics in that movie is unmatched!

The curtains will definitely make you wanna look outside the window more 🙂

That was a long list! What is your favorite piece? What are you going add to your cart now?? Let me know in the comments down below. I would love to know

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