Pinterest Inspired College Dorm Room Ideas Under $10

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College dorm room decor can be super overwhelming as you need to plan all of it beforehand. Also, you will have to make sure you get the right deal because sometimes these supplies cost way too much! In this post, I discuss the best college dorm room ideas for as cheap as under $10!!


As newbies in an entirely different country or state, the least you can do to feel at home is by making your college dorm room look cute. A clean and well organized, put together place can really change the way you feel!

So, here are some Pinterest inspired cute dorm room ideas that you can achieve without spending way too much $$

13 Dorm Room Ideas

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1. Wallpapers

Most dorm rooms are plain white and boring. So, if you want to spice things up, you can add some wallpapers. The best part is that these are removable or peel off!

If you’re not into the plain, brick type aesthetic, here are some floral wallpapers under $10.

2. Jewelry Stand

Having a jewelry stand is the best way to ensure all your dainty necklaces don’t get tangled! Here are some inspirations:

3. Vision Board/ Mood Board

Looking at your goals every morning can help you get more motivated to make it your day! Visually envision your goals and make them come true with the help of these vision/mood boards.

4. Fake Plants

College is hard and needs a lot of work. This means you probably won’t have time to water real plants. So here are some fake succulents that will add an edge to your room with minimum effort!

5. Throw Pillow Covers

Making your bed comfy will definitely help you sleep better. The best way to spice up your boring bed and make it comfier is by adding some throw pillwos! Here’s a set of 2 Throw Pillow Covers

Some single throw pillow covers if you don’t want two of them. These are obviously available in many colors! Feel free to experiment šŸ™‚

6. LED Strip Lights

Everyone has one of these! They make some really cool Instagram pics. Also, these LED strip lights are multicolored and come with a remote control! These for $9.99 are definitely a steal!

7. Tapestry

I mean look at how cool these tapestries are!! You should definitely get one as they will give your room some definition.

8. Lightbox

These light boxes can make your study desk look put together. This can also act like your little motivation corner.

9. Photo Frames

If you are a huge photo hoarder like me then get one of these! I couldn’t really find cute ones for below $10 so bare with me on this one!

10. Desk Organizer

Having a clean desk will make you want to study more. These desk organizers will help you sort out all your stuff.

11. Corner Shelf

Storage capacity in dorms can be less. So it’s better if you have a corner shelf to stack up stuff you frequently use!

12. Rugs

Rugs can make your dorm room look so much more put together! It also makes it comfier. I tried finding some for under $10 but they were all 2′ x 3′ so excuse me šŸ˜…

13. Photo Clip Lights

If you have too many photos or Polaroids then the best way to organize them is by using photo clip lights! They make it look much more cuter!

These were some Pinterest inspired dorm room ideas roughly under $10. I tried my best to find all the products under $10 though for some I couldn’t. Hope you liked it šŸ™‚

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  1. These are some great ideas! Iā€™m moving into my first apartment soon and will definitely be coming back to check out these suggestions. Thank you for sharing šŸ™‚

  2. Such great ideas! I love the wallpaper choices. I live in a pretty plain apartment, so I need to look into removable wallpaper! I already have the LED lights you suggested and love them! Thanks for sharing!

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