5 Necessary Questions To Ask Before Starting A Blog

Other than how much money bloggers make, how many days will it take to rank on Google search results and how famous are bloggers, there are several questions to ask before starting a blog! From questions to ask when writing a blog to value your blog provides.

There are millions of blogs and millions on their way. But do you think all of these will sustain? Why do most blogs fail?

The easiest and only answer to this is that blogging requires consistent work and most people do not keep up.

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Blogging may seem effortless, but it is a lot of work. By this I mean, you don’t have to qualify an exam to start your blog.

You can do this from any corner of the world at anytime. But to get real people to read your content and more importantly, show up in SERPs, you need to put in a lot of work!

Tl;DR version is that your job doesn’t end at googling how to start a blog and writing a few posts!

Then what do you need to know before starting a blog? Click on the link to find out the things to you need to know before starting a blog.

5 Questions To Ask Before Starting A Blog

1. Why Do You Want To Start A Blog?

Knowing why you want to start a blog from day 1 gives you a clear picture of how you can achieve your goals.

Do you want to start a money making blog? Or is it a hobby? Majority of the people want to start a blog to make money, which is great!

Other questions to ask before starting a blog is do you want to be a full time blogger or a part time blogger? Do you want to start a successful blog anonymously?

Are you passionate about blogging? Do you have any interest in writing? Can you write engaging and share-worthy posts?

Don’t worry if you are not the best at writing or the perfect writer. All you have to do is ask yourself if you are willing to work on these skills and improve them!

If you are ready to work on trying to solve people’s problems and engage them, you can definitely give blogging a shot!

No blogger still uses all their writing styles and practices from years ago when they started! Your writing will evolve. But for it to evolve, you’ll have to write consistently!

2. Are You Willing To Invest Money?

Amongst other important questions, ask yourself if you are willing to invest money or do you want to start blogging for free?

Things to consider before starting a blog are what hosting company, domain/blog name, promotion strategies, WordPress plugins and other blogging resources and tools.

You don’t have to spend a whole lot in hosting companies these days. Especially if you want to start a personal, niche blog.

And regarding other blogging tools mentioned, there are really good free WordPress plugins and best blogging resources which you should definitely check out!

3. Can You Fit Blogging Into Your Life?

How much time will you dedicate to blogging? Are you willing to fit blogging into your schedule? This is because blogging takes time and effort.

If you can imagine blogging as another item in your to-do list and can schedule at least 5 hours per week, you are good to go.

Fitting blogging into your lifestyle will also depend on your goals like how many blog posts to write per week.

From researching the blog topic to keyword research, you will be spending quite sometime.

Apart from the writing and promoting part, maintaining your website or blog will consume a lot of time.

So, give it a thought. You can obviously hire people, I’m taking about someone who wants to start an individual/personal blog.

4. What Will You Blog About?

What to blog about to make money? Well, finding a niche for your blog depends on you. There are many profitable niches for blogging.

But if you have no knowledge or interest in that niche, then you will burnout.

Who your target audience will be? College students, moms, car owners, chefs, gardeners, teens or parents.

Make sure you know the mindset, likes and dislikes of your target audience. By this I mean, you can’t write teen content in your 50s! Or parenting content when you are not a parent?!

Blog Post Ideas: Can you list at least 25 blog post topics? They don’t have to be the best. You don’t even have to write all of the topics you’ve written down.

This will tell if you can make blogging a long term goal or not. Read this if you want actionable steps to write a blog post when you’re not feeling it!

What value can you bring? If your readers can get solutions to something they have a problem with, then that’s great!

How can your posts be helpful to someone who reads it? Make your blog posts valuable.

What will your Blog Post Structure be? Determine the length of your blog posts, number of words you want to aim for, things to blog about, your style of writing, etc.

You don’t have to know everything! Just come up with a rough estimate!

5. How To Advertise My Blog?

Blogging doesn’t end at writing and publishing your blog posts. You need to know how to advertise your blog efficiently. The best ways to promote your blog is by using social media.

There are many ways to promote your blog for FREE. You will have to spend quite some time advertising or promoting your blog because you are new.

Check out beginner friendly Pinterest strategies for bloggers. There are SEO tips and trick to promote your website you need to follow!

These are some important questions to ask before starting a blog. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to comment them down below. I would love to hear what you have to say!

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