How To Write A Blog Post When You’re Not Feeling It

It is ironic how I decided to turn around something I was procrastinating about into content. Weird how the world works isn’t it? I think we all have been in a situation where we were supposed to do something ( here write a blog post) but cannot because we don’t feel like it anymore, procrastination, life happens, etc.

Coming up with new blog post ideas can be daunting and difficult at times. If you are stuck up because you have no clue what to write about, the best way to find out is to go on Google.

Just type something you would want to know about and is related to your niche. Knowing what people are searching about can give you some ideas about what to write.

Save it for later on Pinterest

Sometimes it is good to read other posts related to what you plan on writing. But in no way am I encouraging plagiarism.

You want to stay as far away as possible from that, trust me!! You wouldn’t want anyone else copy pasting your content either right?

It all depends on why you’re not feeling like writing a blog post. If just procrastination or laziness or lack of ideas, we can easily overcome it.

However, sometimes you may not want to write because you’re burned out. If you want to know more about burn out and How to overcome a burnout and maintain a work life balance, click on the link!

5 Steps To Get Started With A Blog Post

I mention about writing a blog post here but this can be applied to anything else like writing an essay or an assignment.

1. Finding the Problem

Before jumping straight into writing a blog post or just quitting, what you can do is try to figure out why you don’t feel like doing the work.

Is it procrastination? Or time management issues? Or do you just lack the motivation and not want to write a blog post?

Once you get you’re motive straight, it will be easier for you to decide if you can move on to the next step or not.

There are some days when we just can’t do it. It’s fine. In that case you should just not write a blog post. Because what is the point of writing something you are not 100% proud of?

If it is mere procrastination or time issues, we can talk about ways to deal with it. The best way to counter procrastination and time management issues is by literally starting off. The more you procrastinate, the more time you waste.

There are ways in which you can trick your brain into start writing. The following steps will discuss tips to write a blog post. These are the steps I personally follow too.

2. Getting Inspiration

The easiest way to get started and tricking your brain into overcoming procrastination is by doing some research work. Sometimes you have to start somewhere and eventually you’ll get into the creative flow!

By watching videos or reading about the topic you want to write, you immediately trick your brain into thinking that you’re working towards your task. Doing research work is the best way to motivate yourself too.

You can also type in the topic you want to write about on Google search bar and come up with all the keywords you would want to use in your blog post. Want to know more about keyword research? Read: Why keyword research is important for blog posts!

You are most likely to start doing what you were procrastinating about because you are now in the first step of doing what you were delaying. By definition, procrastination means to delay or postpone something.

Or maybe, you can write about how you were procrastinating about writing a blog post, like I did 😉 This is like hitting two birds in one shot.

3. Defining a Layout

Now that you are at least 25% motivated to start off, what you can do is define the layout of your blog post. By defining the layout of your blog post I mean, you can divide your post into sections and write down the headings and sub-headings.

Start off by creating a few pin designs or the images meant to be shared on Pinterest. Add all the images you want and maybe the conclusion you always add at the end of your post. This gives you a nice layout to start off with.

Most bloggers have a style of writing. Its usually the main heading, then a few paragraphs, pictures and the body of the post and a conclusion.

This means, there is a certain way you write your blog posts. Find out the common structure in most of your blog posts and act on it. If you start off by writing all the not-so-difficult stuff, you will be motivated to fill in the blanks!

4. Fill in the Blanks

I’m sure by now you can start filling in the blanks as you’ve typed in the headings and sub-headings. Everybody has some strengths and some things that come naturally or easily to them. Take advantage of this!

There will be some points or paragraphs you can immediately start writing off within a sub-heading. So, do that first. It doesn’t matter if its not the first or introductory paragraph

As you finish it, you may want to write the conclusion of your post and add in all the links and do all the dirty work. This means all you are left with is the body or the main part of your post.

5. Narrowing Down

This brings us to the main and most brain consuming part of writing a blog post, the body. If anything is true about writing, then it has to be the fact that the more you write, the more you will be able to write.

You will hardly want to stop writing at this stage as you have already finished all the other parts of your post. This is a good sign! Trust me when I say you don’t want to give up at this stage. Make sure your body is detailed and well explained.

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When you feel like you have written everything you wanted to, publish it. That is the most satisfying feeling ever! These were some of my tips to overcome that roadblock and get that post up on time as you planned!!

Remember that blogging is all about having fun while writing and you shouldn’t be beating yourself up for not writing when you can’t!

If you found these tips useful and have any other tips for me, please be sure to leave a comment down below. Let me know how you go about with your writing process!! What is your blog structure like? I would love to know about it too!

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  1. Lol, I was feeling so lazy .. not feeling like writing a blog post today.. m here reading your post at the right moment. How enlightening. Will do some brain storming and will try to narrow it down some points. Getting some motivation from your post… Great post.. 😊 Thanks for sharing…

  2. This post is perfect timing for me, just haven’t been feeling it this week. Reading this has given me the desire I needed to get back on track. Thank you and have a blessed day~

  3. Thanks for the tips!! When I am in the mood to write, I make sure to write a mega-post (like “8 Ways to…”). That way, in the future, when I’m inevitably not in the mood to write, I can create a mini-post on just one of the things I wrote about in the previous “8 Ways to…” article because the work is mostly done already.

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