Life Lessons That Are A Gateway To Success

The problem with most people feeling inadequate and also being petrified of failing is not from the fact that we are made to believe we all have something very special in us, but from the fact that “being average” is frowned upon! There is a need for new and more refined life lessons now more than ever.

Being average is almost a sin in this age where everything is moving at a fast pace and everyone is expected to stand out. But this shouldn’t discourage you from being just enough.

Beating yourself up for not achieving the “success” society expects you is of no use if you don’t consider it success.

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Thinking that we are special and that we are bound to achieve extravagant things is setting unrealistic expectations. This is why most people don’t even take a moment to sit back and appreciate all the things they have.

In no way am I saying that we are all capable of amazing things. But the fact that we are almost certain that we are special is dangerous.

I say this because, once we are sure that we are special, anytime we don’t hit the mark of expectations, we will be completely shattered. The whole point of success is that there are several failures before that one minute of success.

Once you convince yourself that you are special, you give yourself no room for failures. So, when you fail, which is normal and a part of the process, you are most likely to be disheartened and never attempt to try again.

5 Life Lessons For Success

1. Door Knocker Over Window Opener

Door knocker is a person who knocks the door not knowing what awaits him/her.

There is an uncertainty and a room for exploration. This is where the outcomes are not pre-defined.

Whereas a window opener is someone who opens the window and sees what it is like outside and then opens the door.

The life lessons here are to always be a door knocker over a window opener and to look for opportunities out of your comfort zone.

You never know what awaits you until you knock! This could be starting a YouTube channel, a blog or a business or writing. You don’t know if you’ll make it but there’s definitely a possibility!

2. Always Learning

Best life lessons are learnt throughout one’s life. Learning is never ending and is the best way to cope with failure too.

Isn’t it relieving to know that that one failure is not the end? There are many more to go yay!!😋

You won’t reach a point in life where you are done with learning. If you think so, then you’re not growing!

Especially if you’re young, it is important to know that there is always more and experiences are necessary.

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3. Master The Flywheel Principle

The flywheel principle is basically something that takes years to get going. But once it starts, it is unstoppable!

Any huge company is an example of this principle. Like Amazon selling products for a low price, then customers buying from them which leads to manufacturers to sell on Amazon which leads to Amazon selling for a low price.

Once they kick started this, it is unstoppable now! This could be starting a channel and uploading videos. In the beginning no one’s really there.

But the more you upload, the chances of people viewing it is higher which in turn makes it possible for even more people to discover your channel!

4. Boring is Fun

The one thing common in most “successful” (ah the irony! 😉 ) individuals is that they all do the same boring things day after day and get better at it.

This could be practicing, or running, or swimming, singing or writing. Their process is the same and is repeated everyday.

If you take Michael Phelps as an example, he has a process, swimming and mastering his stroke over and over again. There’s nothing charming about showing up everyday and doing the same thing or is there?

Life lessons here: mastering the fundamentals and boring is fun!

How? you may ask. What may seem as boring now doesn’t necessarily mean it is not worth your time.

In fact, this will probably be the biggest leverage to achieving that one minute of success which is fun to watch from the outside!

Playing a video game may seem fun as the results are obtained then and there.

But something mundane like spending an hour in the gym or exercising may seem boring.

This is because the results aren’t instant and it requires you to show up everyday! So, mastering the fundamentals is key here.

5. Making the First Move

Most often, we tend to step back in social settings or even opportunities wise because we feel intimidated or are not sure of how we’ll be perceived by others.

This is when you need to remind yourself that the answer is always no until asked. Putting yourself out there is no easy task. I know what rejection feels like. But this shouldn’t stop you from trying again.

Making the first move means risking yourself ( personally or business wise) But remember that opportunities won’t come knocking at your door all the time.

It is you who has to actively seek out for it! Remember how you’re supposed to be the door knocker! 🙂

These were some of my favorite life lessons that are a gateway to success. Just remember that the definition of success is different for different people.

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