What To Expect From College As A Freshman

College is another step close to adulthood. It is the last time you can thoroughly enjoy life without the responsibilities of an adult. But is going to college really like what is portrayed in a lot of movies? The first time ever to be on your own do what you always wanted to.

It’s that time of the year when most highschool graduates will be allowed to figure out things on their own. It’s a new chapter in your life and it is super exciting to make a ton of friends and party and enjoy and live life to its fullest. That is all that is there to college right?

I wish that was all about college as it clearly isn’t. If you’re moving into a new city for college, as exciting as it may seem, it can be really daunting at times as you would hardly know anyone.

Most of the times, we don’t know what to expect from college and have very high expectations. If what we experience does not meet our expectations, it can be sad.

So, before assuming that college is this that and the third, it is better to know what is it really like and enter with realistic expectations!

6 Things To Expect From College

The first thing to know about college is that college is not remotely close to anything portrayed in any movie ever!

1. Not Everybody In College Will Be “Mature”

This has to be the first thing to expect as you step into college.🤣

Just because everyone graduated from school, it doesn’t automatically make them more responsible and sensible!

Sometimes you will have to deal with a lot of immature, petty people and that’s a part of life.

So, take it with a grain of salt when your “friend” screws you over for some petty reason!

Don’t worry you will meet a lot of amazing, like-minded people but it’s always good to be aware of the possibilities.

2. You Won’t Make A “Lot” Of Friends Magically

Freshman year is the best time to make a lot of friends because it’s everyone’s first time and a majority of them don’t know each other.

If you’re an introvert or shy or just hesitant, don’t be. Everyone is awkward since everybody is new.

Talk to as many people as possible from the beginning itself because it can be a little difficult to meet new people once you get busy with college.

Having said that, don’t wait for people to come talk to you because you will end up waiting forever!

This is so important to know because I made this mistake too. People don’t “magically” become your friends in freshman year!

Most of the times you’ll have to initiate a conversation and put yourself out there.

Mid-way through if you realize they’re not your type, then don’t be afraid to meet new people! Not everybody you meet will be your type.

Also, as most campuses are huge and there are a lot of people, making friends can feel intimidating and hard.

3. The Art Of Multitasking

College is a lot of work! Just showing up to classes and passing tests won’t cut it. You have to have some side projects, internships or clubs going on.

The best thing you can do as a freshman is try joining 3-4 clubs which are relevant to your major and some extra-curricular.

Because you’re a freshman, you won’t have a lot to do in these clubs (as much as a senior) so, if you don’t feel the vibe, you can leave!

As you still have some options left, you don’t have to worry about sticking to that club forever!

Always remember to take your time and don’t feel pressured to do certain things just because everyone else is doing it.

Participate in competitions and take part in events! You don’t have to be there for all the events that take place, but don’t skip events just so you can study!

Don’t get me wrong when I say this but, apart from having good grades, extra-curricular activities are valuable for your resume. You have to do all of this whilst maintaining your grades!

This requires a lot of motivation and sometimes you need a little push to get back on track. Here is The ultimate motivation guide to help you✨

4. Learn To Manage Time

As there is so much to do in college, managing time becomes important or else you’ll end up piling up work and won’t get any of it done on time.

Making a list of all your deadlines, submissions, projects, assignments, tests and meetings is necessary.

Don’t go to a college without a planner! You might think you’ll remember all the deadlines but trust me you won’t!!

Learn from me and get a planner so you don’t end up forgetting you had a test and didn’t study for it, but realize you actually have a test because someone happened to send a snap of them studying that subject at 8 A.M! and then had to chew down the whole syllabus as the test is in an hour! 😉 I ended up scoring full marks though! 🙂

Get a planner or maintain a book for deadlines!!!

5. There’s A Lot To Study!

Just because the number of classes are less and that your timetable is not filled with classes, it doesn’t mean studying gets easier or will take lesser time than it did in highschool!

Depending on your subjects, there is a lot to study! This is not as easy as cramming whatever is written in your notes the night before the exam and passing. Remember, this is not highschool 🙂

If you want to know how much time it will take to study, it is ‘the time you think you need to study’ + ‘a lot more’ hours.

The best way to study is to plan at least a week before your test and break your syllabus into chunks. Losing sleep by pulling all-nighters one day before the exam is of no use!

Don’t get sleep deprived as it won’t help you in the long run. The time you need to eat, sleep and rest is not up for compromise!

6. Learn To Commit To One Goal

Don’t confuse this with branching out and trying new things!

What I mean by committing to one goal is that with a lot of opportunities and career paths, most people that are good at more than one thing, tend to not let go of either and may not be able to give the undivided focus required.

You won’t be able to do all those things at once and you don’t have to! Instead of thinking about what to pursue as you have so many options, give more attention to one goal.

This is always better than not choosing anything at all!

TL;DR version: If you want to start YouTube but you know that you’re also good at math and sports. Now you’re confused with what to do and end up not choosing any of the three!

These were some of the things to expect from college as a freshman. If you liked this post, then leave a comment down below on what helped you!

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