Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers To Promote Their Blog

Facebook groups for bloggers is the answer to “how to promote your blog for free“. It is the most useful and efficient way to connect with like minded people. These groups are dedicated to help beginner bloggers to set a foot into the blogging world comfortably.

Are you a newbie blogger who is looking for ways to increase website engagement or social media engagement? Then Facebook groups are your holy grail!

This is because the chances to promote business and gain social media followers are many. Related: 11 SEO Tips And Tricks To Promote Your Website

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How amazing it is that you can connect with very well experienced bloggers and newbie bloggers at the same time!

You can get all your blogging related problems solved. All by people who have already faced those problems.

There are many Facebook groups for bloggers but not all of them belong to the “Facebook groups to promote your blog” category.

Some of them might be an interactive, problem solving group where self-promo posts will be deleted.

So, in this post I discuss the absolute must join Facebook group for bloggers and how to promote blog on Facebook.

5 Facebook Groups For Bloggers

Please read the rules before joining any of these groups. Nobody is responsible if you get thrown out for not following the rules mentioned in the About section.

Trust me when I say this is the best way to promote your website on Facebook (if you follow the rules)

1. Blogging For New Bloggers

Blogging for New Bloggers is a group of 29k members. It is run by Lucrezia and Marina from blogging for new bloggers blog.

This is an amazing community where you can get your questions answered from experienced bloggers. They also have self-promo in their dedicated threads.

Self-Promo Schedule:

  • Monday: Facebook followers
  • Tuesday: Re-pin
  • Wednesday: Blog Post Shares (Sharing is Power)
  • Thursday: Blog Post comments
  • Friday: Self-Promo Promo Friday
  • Saturday: Social Media following
  • Sunday: Blog post comments or shares

2. Newbie & Expert Bloggers Unite

Newbie & Expert Bloggers Unite 🥂 is a Facebook group for bloggers that are both experts or beginners. With around 1k members, this group is hosted by Cheerstolifeblogging. This is an amazing community for making connections!

Self-Promo Schedule:

  • Monday: Instagram followers
  • Tuesday: Pinterest re-pins/follows
  • Wednesday: Blog Post Shares/comments
  • Thursday: Social Media follows/engagements
  • Friday: Facebook follows/engagements
  • Saturday: Affiliates Promo
  • Sunday: Self-Promo

This group also has niche specific posts/threads where you can connect with your niche members!

Not just that, they also have a dedicated post for requesting feedback on any of your posts. And also a post where you can network and colab with people of your kind!

3. Golden Bloggerz: Online Blogging Community

Golden Bloggerz: Online Blogging Community is a Facebook group with around 1.9k members. All are dedicated to help each other out. You need to check it out if you need any help!!

This group is really engaging including the admins! Don’t hesitate to chime in and ask questions when needed.

Self-Promo Schedule:

  • Monday: Facebook Page follows/likes
  • Tuesday: Social Media shares
  • Wednesday: Social Media follows
  • Thursday: Pinterest Thread
  • Friday: Blog post comments
  • Saturday: Instagram engagement
  • Sunday: Ask a Favor ( shares, feedbacks, follows, anything)

Pinterest and Facebook groups are the two social media platforms that will help you get real engagement.

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4. Becoming A Blogger

Becoming a Blogger is a Facebook group for bloggers. Here you can connect with around 23k members! This is run by Cate Rosales.

Self-Promo Schedule:

  • Monday: Instagram follows/comments
  • Tuesday: Twitter Tuesday
  • Wednesday: Blog post shares,comments
  • Thursday: Pinterest Thursday
  • Friday: Facebook Friday: links to page, groups and profiles
  • Saturday: Weekend Wildcard Promote anything
  • Sunday: Collaborate, guest posts, sponsored posts, podcasts

5. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers is a Facebook group with over 39k members. It is run by Jasmine from

Self-Promo Schedule:

  • Monday: Blog post thread & Weekly discussion thread
  • Tuesday: Facebook
  • Wednesday: Pinterest
  • Thursday: Twitter
  • Friday: Instagram
  • Saturday: Favor thread
  • Sunday: Blogger of the Week

These were some Facebook groups for bloggers to join. Also, all of these groups are Private. This means that you will have to request to join. You will be asked easy questions like your blog URL, interests, etc.

So, if you want to connect with amazing and like minded people, join these groups!

What groups are you planning on joining? Let me know in the comment section down below. I would love to hear what you have to say!

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